There are some books I co-authored and edited. You can find them below:
(Proceedings are not contained in this list)


Perspectives on the Future of Software Engineering — Essays in Honor of Dieter Rombach

Jürgen Münch, Klaus Schmid (Eds), 366 pages, Springer, 2013

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spl-bookSoftware Product Lines in Action  — The Best Industrial Practice in Product Line Engineering.

By Frank van der Linden, Klaus Schmid, Eelco Rommes. 334 pages, 91 illustrations,  Springer, 2007.

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Günter Böckle, Peter Knauber, Klaus Pohl, Klaus Schmid (Eds), 316 pages, dpunkt, 2004.

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Planning Software Reuse — A Disciplined Scoping Approach for Software Product Lines

Klaus Schmid, Fraunhofer-Verlag, 2003

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