About me

Welcome to my personal website, glad you found the way.

Some words about me.
My name is Klaus Schmid and I am professor of software engineering and head of the Software Systems Engineering group at the University of Hildesheim.

For several years, I was also a research fellow / technical expert at the Software Engineering Center (SEC), NIPA, in South Korea.

Before moving to University of Hildesheim, I worked at the Fraunhofer IESE in a number of different positions.

I work in software engineering research since the mid of 1990’s. While being a researcher, work with industry and real world problems was always a cornerstone of my approach to software engineering. Thus, over the years, I could accumulate also significant consulting experience with a number of companies ranging from very large to very small.

The focus of my research is in the areas of:

  • Software Product Line Engineering and Software Ecosystems
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Architecture and Technical Debt
  • Adaptive Software Systems

You can find my publications at DBLP and Google Scholar.

I encourage you to visit also my work-related page at the
Software Systems Engineering group, University of Hildesheim.